Mishorim USA: Commercial Properties & Shopping Centers

Mishorim subsidiary, Mishorim USA Inc., is most active in the southeastern US. Mishorim USA focuses on investments in commercial real estate and office properties which the company believes can produce added value in a relatively short time. Mishorim's continuous and successful experience in developing and improving rental properties has contributed greatly to its accelerated growth in the US, while creating high added value for its shareholders.

Mishorim's US portfolio of over 10 buildings and shopping centers continues to grow each year. All assets are renovated and show significantly higher value from the acquisition cost thanks to Mishorim’s ability to identify the right properties and hire professional management. Mishorim's tenants rent high level assets which are maintained and managed with an exceptional service.

Mishorim's group activities in the US are lead by Mr. Mark Gould, a partner with shares in most of the assets. Mark is a commercial real estate developer with a vast experience who has acquired an outstanding reputation with his proven ability to identify and maximize real estate opportunities for investment, development, maintenance and management. In the last several years, Mark has successfully acquired and upgraded many commercial shopping centers across the US and Canada.

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Sold Real Estate Properties

 Golden Gate Shoping Center
Greensboro, North Carolina