Strategy & Philosophy

Investment Strategy
Mishorim's real estate investments strategy is based on:

each investment to realize profitability and drive overall growth

in further developing, refurbishing or managing acquired properties in a manner that enhances value and sustains long-term growth of our portfolio.

in pursuing opportunities in geographic areas where our established network of local partners, service professionals, “on-the-ground” management and deal-flow generation represents a competitive advantage to our shareholders.

on markets where rents and pricing are stable but investment property is still considered a relatively undervalued or underperforming asset class.

in buying properties where our competitive advantages can create value and enhance returns in circumstances that would otherwise be considered difficult.

management of cash resources to ensure rents and sales proceeds are promptly distributed and to ensure we maintain sufficient working capital to exploit investment opportunities quickly.

the purchase of such assets using conservative financial assumptions, determined by management.

Investment Philosophy
The underlying philosophy of Mishorim is to invest in a manner that is consistent with the fundamental tenets of:

returns while mitigating risks​​

on the commercial sector

quality stabilized income producing real estate in the US and in Israel

class B and C properties, optimizing each investment to realize profitability and drive overall growth

our internal expertise and our network of local, experienced knowledgeable partners in each key market 


Commercial shopping centers in 5 states: Florida, Alabama, 
Virginia, Nevada 
and North Carolina
Total asset area of
  78,000 sq.m.

Real Estate Investment

Office buildings and
commercial properties
in the Gush Dan region.
Total asset area of
26,000 sq.m.

Real Estate Investment

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Operates hotels,
resorts, communities
and land development
in Canada and the US

Investments Holding

(50% Ownership)

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